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Daiginjo  | Koshi no Kanbai “Muku”
Koshi no Kanbai “Muku”
"Pure Realm"
Koshi no Kanbai


Classic Niigata sake with subdued aroma, nuanced acidity and perfect balance. Presents rich interplay of flavors and a satisfying finish. Made from Yamadanishiki rice for a rich, yet transparently clear, flavor profile.

Serving Recommendations

Muku's resonant flavor goes well with seafood of all kinds as well as with meat dishes. Delicious cold or warmed.

Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki Alcohol Percentage: 16%
Acidity: 1.3 Polishing Ratio: 48%
Sake Meter Value: +4.0 Yeast: Niigata Ginjo