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Sushi Sasabune

1419 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96814

Restaurant Description:

This small sushi bar specializes in omakase dining—that is, a chef's tasting menu based on what's freshest and best that day and what the chef feels inspired to prepare. According to the Honolulu Advertiser, the way you eat sushi at Sushi Sasabune is "one touch, one bite." There's tuna from Ecuador, albacore from Canada, blue-fin tuna from the waters off Tasmania, scallops just 24 hours out of the waters off Boston, and melt-away raw sweet prawns from Santa Barbara. A favorite of Gayot (guides) is the baby squid stuffed with Louisiana blue crab. Other favorites are the marinated ikura, the monkfish liver, and the uni (sea urchin) that, in the Sasabune version, earns the nickname "ice cream of the sea." Diners timid about ordering sushi will appreciate a knowledgeable sushi-chef making the fish-eating decisions.

Frommer's (guides): "This is an extraordinary experience for sushi aficionados—a journey into new tastes, textures and sensations."

Phone: (808) 947-3800
Fax: (808) 941-1122

Category Label
Dewazakura “Dewasansan” Green Ridge
Koshi no Kanbai “Tokusen” Vanishing Point
Dewazakura “Yukimanman” Snow Country
Kamoizumi “Junmai Daiginjo” Autumn Elixir
Koshi no Kanbai “Chotokusen” Pinnacle of Perfection
Koshi no Kanbai “Kinmuku” Milky Way
Kuzuryu “Daiginjo” Silk Dragon
Tedorigawa “Mangekyo” Kaleidoscope
Kamoizumi “Sachi” Exceptional Aged Koshu