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Blue Ribbon Sushi

119 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012

Restaurant Description:

The freshest fish with a lively crowd and efficient service makes Blue Ribbon one of the city's most reliable haunts. Seats up front—especially at the sushi bar—are best for those who enjoy watching the swift, masterful movements of the sushi chefs. "Fresh, fresh, fresh fish and a wicked sake assortment ensure that this hip SoHo sushi specialist is still jamming after all these years," says the Zagat Survey. The ultrafresh sushi is prepared by chefs noted for their willingness to break from tradition to create spectacular sushi combinations. The combination sushi plates are wonderful, and from the salmon to the cod, the fish is fresh and proportional.

New York "The Blue Ribbon juggernaut's sushi outpost has some of the best raw fish in town - and the sake selection is tremendous."

Phone: (212) 343-0404
Fax: (212) 226-6048

Category Label
Nishida “Denshu” Country Squire
Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto” Heart and Soul
Masumi “Yumedono” Mansion of Dreams
Tamagawa “Kinsho” Heart of Gold
Tedorigawa “Iki na Onna” Lady Luck
Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo” Summer Snow
Nama Ginjo
Dewazakura “Namagenshu” Green Ridge
Masumi “Arabashiri” First Run
Nama Daiginjo
Tedorigawa “Kinka” Gold Blossom

Cuisine Type: Japanese