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Daiginjo  | Hoyo “Kura no Hana”
Hoyo “Kura no Hana”
"Fair Maiden"


Made from a specialty rice grown only in Miyagi Prefecture, Kura no Hana is airily light and touched with a kiss of anise. Its smoothness and gentle aroma extend a demure invitation to the world of sake enjoyment.

Serving Recommendations

Delicious sipped as an aperitif or served as an accompaniment to salads and light seafood dishes. Goes perfectly with lobster, either cooked or sashimi. Refrigerate and serve cold at 50 degrees.

Rice Variety: Kura no Hana Alcohol Percentage: 15%
Acidity: 1.3 Polishing Ratio: 45%
Sake Meter Value: -7.0 Yeast: Miyagi