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Ginjo  | Masumi “Hiyaoroshi”
Masumi “Hiyaoroshi”
"Sleeping Beauty"


Pressed in winter and stored cold until early fall, Hiyaoroshi acquires a patina of flavor depth while retaining its youthful freshness. Gracefully fragrant, with limpidly balanced sweetness and acidity.

Serving Recommendations

Goes well with autumn dishes like oven-roasted fall vegetables, marinated mushroom salads and roast pork with sweet onion and hot mustard.

Rice Variety: Miyamanishiki, Yamadanishiki Alcohol Percentage: 15%
Acidity: 1.7 Polishing Ratio: 55%
Sake Meter Value: +1.5 Yeast: Masumi No.7 (proprietary)