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Nama Ginjo  | Tamagawa “Ice Breaker”
Tamagawa “Ice Breaker”
"Fresh-Pressed Namagenshu"


Cask-strength, deep-flavored and spicy. Unpasteurized for extra zing. Best enjoyed over ice in summer and fall—the flavor and aroma shift as the temperature in the glass changes.

Serving Recommendations

Designed to be drunk over ice as a refresher in the humid Japanese rainy season. Try it with edamame, mackerel, skipjack tuna and eggplant with zesty grated daikon.

Rice Variety: Nihonbare Alcohol Percentage: 17–18%
Acidity: 1.8 Polishing Ratio: 60%
Sake Meter Value: +1.0 Yeast: Association No. 9