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Japonica Dining

1304 1/2 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Restaurant Description:

This restaurant-bar, stylish and elegant with an oriental interior, specializes in modern Osaka-style cooking: The flavors are bolder than expected and vegetables like gobo, spinach and lotus root are paired with seafood, duck and pork. Popular dishes are Smoked Seafood, Albacore Tataki (seared, fresh albacore in an original garlic sauce) and Sea Bass Saikyo-yaki (grilled Chilean sea bass in an original sweet saikyo-miso sauce). The menu is divided into cold and hot appetizers, soups, salads, tempura, tofu, grilled items, and sushi, rice and noodle dishes. There is a lightened liquor shelf, highlighting Japanese beers and Japanese sake suited to the cuisine. “If you want to enjoy sake, our place is number one," says the management. "We carefully select good sake." Japonica is popular with both young Japanese professionals and adventurous local diners.

Easy Reader: "Japonica offers a cavalcade of wonderful flavors in unexpected combinations."

Gayot (guides): "The restaurant has a very large and unusually well-described list of sakes."

Phone: (310) 316-9477
Fax: (310) 316-9474

Category Label
Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri” Northern Skies
Dewazakura “Izumi Judan” Tenth Degree
Dewazakura “Oka” Cherry Bouquet
Hoyo “Kura no Hana” Fair Maiden
Masumi “Yumedono” Mansion of Dreams
Tedorigawa “Iki na Onna” Lady Luck